Generator Maintenance

Generator Maintenance In Kenya

Servicing your generator is a prerequisite to maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty.

Regular maintenance helps to catch problems early that can be costly and costly to fix later. Regular maintenance can also save money in terms of fuel efficiency. Fuel, oil, and air filters ensure smoother engine operation and more fuel-efficient generators. Also, not maintaining generators on a regular basis increases the chances of failure, especially of engine components – which is very expensive and impractical.

In-house or Outsource Diesel Generator Maintenance?

While large organizations that have multiple generators at one or more sites, or that often rely on one-time generation on-site, may already have at least one full-time maintenance engineer, many smaller companies, or companies that only maintain one generator, may already have at least one A full-time maintenance engineer set up a backup or two, ups would find this impractical and expensive. Instead, they turn to generator dealers to service diesel generators on a regular or as-needed basis.

The primary responsibility of these service and maintenance technicians is to inspect the generator sets they service, document their actual performance, note any discrepancies from the manufacturer’s specifications, and ensure that all safety procedures and preventive maintenance tasks are performed as planned.

Generator Service – What You Need to Know

Your diesel generator set, whether used as a primary or backup power source, requires regular maintenance to function properly. Diesel generator maintenance can be easy to forget, especially with standby equipment or generator sets that are rarely used. However, the whole point of having a backup power supply is knowing that it has what you need!

Diesel generator maintenance is relatively easy and predictable.

The best practice is almost always to simply follow the maintenance schedule provided by the generator manufacturer. Strict adherence to this schedule is key to ensuring the long-term trouble-free operation of the generator. However, from time to time, a knowledgeable maintenance engineer may recommend changes to this plan in response to the actual performance of a particular generator. This almost always means more frequent inspections or preventative diesel generator maintenance, not less.

Servicing diesel generators is more of a science than an art. Even the most modern generators are extensively tested before they hit the market, and most diesel power generation technology has remained largely unchanged for decades. This means that manufacturers are very aware of when certain components may fail or require attention.