House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

Affordable House Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Contact Arrow Facilities Management Ltd whenever you are in need of home cleaning services in Nairobi and surrounding areas. We know people are often too busy with work and kids to think about them. So why not take a break and leave the mundane chores to us? Whether wiping, dusting, scrubbing, or vacuuming, our professional cleaners are the right people for every chore.

We provide the best home cleaning services in Nairobi because our cleaning system is what sets us apart. Our clients keep coming back to us because we deliver an effective service that keeps their homes and apartments clean down to the last detail. This comprehensive cleaning system, which we call the Detail-Clean Rotation System, has been proven effective in over 5 million cleanings!

How does our apartment/house cleaning service in Nairobi work?

During the first two cleanings, we started with a thorough detailed cleaning of the entire home. During the first cleaning, our cleaning service will thoroughly clean your apartment, paying special attention to the kitchen and bathroom. In the second session, we clean your entire apartment, but this time in detail in the bedrooms and living areas. We will maintain this level of detail cleanliness throughout the home by offering a rotating deep cleaning service on our next visit.

Whether you need a one-time house cleaning or a regular one, our experts are here to help. Let us save you the frustration of finding a domestic helper, which includes:

  • Browse classifieds/recommendations for relatives or offices
  • Contact potential maids
  • Try to verify their “legitimate reference”.
  • Carefully draft a contract that is both legal and fair
  • Then start training from scratch.

But what if I told you that you don’t have to put up with the fight to make sure all this stuff comes up again?

Contact us today for the best house cleaning services in Nairobi, a quick and easy way to book a trusted professional cleaner in minutes from your phone or computer. All our employees are

  • Comprehensive Background checks
  • Conducted extensive background and criminal background checks
  • friendly and professional
  • At least 2 years of cleaning experience
  • Conduct a legal document review
  • Have insurance

Not only do you get to make important decisions about who you let into your home. But you can also easily and precisely select the areas that need to be cleaned…

Plus: you only pay for the cleaning time you spend, and payment is only processed when the cleaning is complete!

Our typical scope of work includes but is not limited to:

  • Carpet Cleaning Services – Carpets need attention too, we have the right kind
  • Window Cleaning – Need a cleaning service for every window on every floor? We will cover for you.
  • Hard Floor Cleaning – With the right cleaning products, the right cleaning machine, and the right equipment, we’ll bring your floors back to life.
  • Clean the Interior – A lot of interesting things happen on the bus, so let’s keep it clean.
  • After construction cleanup – we have no trouble dealing with the mess left by the builders.

As part of our affordable home cleaning Services packages, every cleaning we offer includes:

Bathroom cleaning services, including

  • Toilet, washbasin stain removal, bathroom disinfection, mirror polishing, cleaning tiles, bathtubs, power scrubbing floors, etc.

Sleeping area cleaning service

Hand mopping surfaces, power scrubbing floors, general dusting, removing cobwebs, spot cleaning doors, and door frames, cleaning mirrors and polishing, and more.

Living Area cleaning service

Wipe surfaces by hand, remove cobwebs, spot clean doors, and door frames, do general dusting, power scrub floors, etc.

kitchen cleaning service

Countertop cleaning, range hood exterior cleaning, cooktop and front cleaning, drip tray/glass surface wiping, sink cleaning and chrome, all appliance front cleaning, general dusting, cobweb removal, microwave wiping, window and door cleaning, and more


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