Office cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

Arrowtech Limited offers the best office cleaning services in Nairobi, Kenya, with convenience, quality and consistency in our custom packages. Arrow Facilities Management ltd is recognized as one of the best office cleaning companies in Nairobi, Kenya, offering a variety of options for all your commercial cleaning needs. Office cleaning services in Nairobi are often overlooked by companies as they struggle to remain profitable and the industry afloat. So, what better way than to entrust your office cleaning services to the best office cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya?

Today, many companies outsource their secondary activities. This has the dual benefit of freeing up existing staff to perform other tasks in their core areas, while reducing the company’s overall expenses by realizing savings through the purchasing power of FM firms that specialize in these services.

Office cleanliness is important for morale and productivity. More work gets done when people work in clean offices and a great work environment. When morale is high, so is productivity! It’s not just about morale, it’s about employee health. Desks, phones, and other office equipment are often among the dirtiest surfaces in an office. Proper cleaning removes germs that can cause employees to get sick, call in sick, and reduce productivity. Keep your office clean and your employees healthy!

We offer a full range of office cleaning services in Nairobi, and everyone from large corporations to small businesses uses and love our cleaning services for low monthly fees, great customer service, and a wide range of office cleaning tasks.

At Arrowtech Limited, our core business of excellence is supporting our customers, we understand that the first impression of a business is always important and we work hard to ensure a positive, lasting impression is made. We know that when you’re trying to run your own business, you have little time to clean the office. At Arrowtech Limited, we stand out from other office cleaning companies in Nairobi simply because we provide the best professional cleaning services and customer satisfaction.

Why choose us:

We are one of the most reputable office cleaning companies in Nairobi Westland, providing the best affordable office cleaning services in Kenya. Are you looking for well-trained and disciplined cleaners? All of our staff are well-vetted, well-trained, and experienced.
Our office cleans a wide range of work areas, so our clients only have one point of contact with our clients.

Our general office cleaning service is thorough and will leave your office squeaky clean
We delivered on our promises. Our office cleaning checklists always match the scope of our office cleaning commitments at the point of sale.
We offer standard office cleaning rates per square meter with no hidden costs
Our office cleaning contracts are uncomplicated, with no hidden fees or clauses.

Typical scope of responsibility for our office cleaning – contract cleaning.

Our range of cleaning varies according to your specific needs. The following are general guidelines when you hire our cleaners on a contract basis

Daily Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Clean all offices and conference rooms: floors, tables, shelves, glass doors, windows (from the inside) and surfaces of office equipment.
Dust off desks, chairs, phones, shelves, copiers, and more in offices and meeting rooms
Ensure furniture in offices, meeting rooms and reception areas is always arranged as required
Empty all wastebaskets and shredders at designated locations.
Make and serve tea and coffee as required, clear and collect used cups and wash, keep the kitchen tidy and other related duties.

Help set up meeting rooms, prepare cups, glasses and plates, water, tea and coffee
Spot clean spills, fingerprints and stains from floors, walls, light switches, furniture and fixtures.
Clean and disinfect toilets and keep them clean throughout the day.
Replenishment of toiletries and restroom supplies
Dust removal of furniture, e.g. workplaces, curtain boxes, window sills, kitchen shelves
Dusting a wooden floor with a dusting sweeper

Weekly Cleaning Services

Clean and polish interior windows and glass surfaces
Wet Mopping and Polishing of Laminate Floors
scrubbing ceramic floors
Removal of cobwebs and a heavy dusting
Descaling of toilets, washbasins, mirrors, toilet tiles
Scrub and Wipe Litter Boxes
per month

Machine scrubbing/polishing of all types of floors such as wood, tile, and slabs

Dust and wipe the tops of tall furniture, filing cabinets, and glass panels above doors
Stripping and Polishing Wood Floors
Dusting and mopping of walls, partitions, and furniture
Cleaning and vacuuming of office furniture and upholstered furniture
Cleaning of vertical and horizontal shutters
other tasks
• Thoroughly wet and clean upholstered chairs annually and when necessary


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