Electrical rewiring services

Electrical rewiring services

The rewiring cost depends on the size of the apartment, the accessibility of old wiring, and the number of electrical points (such as light points, sockets, air conditioning points, and water heater points).

Should you rewire your house or apartment?

We are in contact with electrical appliances every day, and having electrical appliances at home is definitely a necessity. Should you rewire the house or apartment you just bought? It might be worth consulting an electrician and having him/her assess the needs. As usual, many electricians will recommend rewiring for safety reasons and to absolve themselves of potential liability in the event of an electrical accident. General guidelines for rewiring your home or apartment that is more than 10 years old then you’ll notice the following signs:

  • Frequent tripping of the mains or circuit breaker;
  • A large number of blown fuses;
  • The socket has a burning smell; and or
  • Discolored sockets and switches.

There is always a choice between taking a risk and saving money or playing it safe Anyone who decides not to rewire must do so at the associated risk.

Rewiring Services by a Licensed Electrician

It is important that a job of this size be done by a licensed, qualified, and experienced electrician. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re moving into new premises and the wiring isn’t done properly and you discover electrical issues. Correcting wiring after moving into your premises can be a headache. As long as the licensed electrician is reliable and experienced, the price of rewiring (if reasonable) should accrue. Safety is more important than saving a few shillings on rewiring. Our office is able to provide you with affordable electrical installation rewiring quotes. Call us today at 0714445566 or contact us for more information on our Arrowtech electrical and plumbing services website.

In addition to rewiring houses and apartments, we also provide LED light installation, various light repair services, and other electrical repair work.


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