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Electrical Troubleshooting services

Electrical Troubleshooting services

Not all electrical problems in your home or business require the services of an electrician. Even when things go wrong, it’s always good to know what you’re dealing with so you can respond appropriately to the situation. Some electrical problems are caused by human error and can be quickly avoided and fixed by following general electrical safety tips and considering a few factors before attempting any electrical work.

On the other hand, blackouts occur when electrical wiring is faulty or incorrect, over time, or due to changes in environmental factors such as humidity. Whenever the power goes out in your home or office, it could be due to a faulty switchboard. So start by checking the consumer unit or switchboard, which contains the two pole breakers and terminals.

Things to Remember When Doing Your Own Electrical Troubleshooting

When you have an electrical problem in your home or office building, your first instinct may be to quickly replace or relocate electrical components, but it’s important that you first understand the root cause of the problem. You can perform electrical troubleshooting yourself by following these steps:

Never proceed to fix an unknown electrical problem

If you encounter an electrical problem you are not familiar with, remember not to touch anything that you think is appropriate, and call trusted electricians such as Arrowtech electrical and plumbing services immediately. In many cases, people have attempted to repair and replace them themselves, only to end up seriously injured or even killed.

Determine if the problem is external or internal

It is important to determine whether the electrical problem at hand is internal or external. Sometimes these problems can be caused by external errors. If this is the case, contact your electrical contractor as soon as possible, especially if electrical troubleshooting itself doesn’t help. However, if the problem is due to an internal error, it is best to call in a professional electrical engineer to fix it.

Never forget to turn off the device when troubleshooting

The first thing you should do before starting to troubleshoot any electrical system is to turn off the power switch on the main electrical panel. When troubleshooting electrical problems, put your safety first. Once done, you can turn the power back on. Forgetting this step can be potentially dangerous. So if you’re not sure how to determine the source of your problem, simply contact electrical service from a certified electrician.

Test and repair or replace as necessary

When troubleshooting an electrical system, it’s important to first identify the problem. Most of the time, a dead outlet or a flickering light bulb will cause a broken circuit breaker. There may be other reasons behind this. Try reconnecting the faulty socket or putting in a new bulb and see if that helps.

Never ignore recurring problems

If your home is already experiencing recurring electrical issues and after troubleshooting the electrical system you are unable to fix it yourself, it may be time to call in a trusted professional electrician such as Arrowtech electrical and plumbing services. In some cases, people have even had to rewire the entire house if the electrical problem persisted. Ignoring electrical problems for long periods of time can not only endanger you but can also damage your electronic equipment.

Please investigate

Although you may have heard it before, whenever you need information on an electrical issue, the internet is at your fingertips. For the layman, electrical troubleshooting has definitely become more feasible. Just look for the signs of your electrical problems and you may find many solutions. Remember to only trust content from reliable electricity companies, as there are several important safety measures that should be taken.

When should I call in an electrician for troubleshooting services?

Common wisdom in residential and commercial areas is that your first concern should be to determine the root cause of electrical problems. Most of the time, problems like this are due to improper electrical installation. This often happens when you use the services of a non-professional electrician. Be sure to invest in quality work and only hire certified electricians who know exactly what they are doing. This will help you avoid electrical repairs and replacements in the future.

Most electrical problems should always be checked by an experienced electrician. Getting involved in such issues can exacerbate the problem and cause more costs in the future. Make sure you know which electrical problems require the skills of an electrician by reviewing the following:

Flickering Lights: Are you experiencing flickering lights in your home? Your wires may be badly connected. Such problems are often referred to as “faults” or “short circuits”. Such issues require the expertise and skills of a licensed electrical contractor. They will be able to meet your needs as efficiently as possible. Otherwise, if the wiring isn’t the problem, you can try replacing the bulb yourself.

Malfunction/damaged outlet: Sometimes in your home, a plug may fall out of an outlet during use. This could be the result of an old electrical wiring system that needs to be updated. If so, remember you shouldn’t be rewiring it yourself. Electrical work like this requires the expertise of a licensed electrical contractor like Arrowtech electrical and plumbing services. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality electrical services that are executed efficiently.

Continuous or Repeated Breaker Trips: Does your breaker keep tripping after you reset it? Then the problem might be with the wires. If not, some high-powered electrical appliances may be causing the problem. If the problem persists, please contact a professional electrical service person immediately. An electrician can fix the problem properly.

Outdated electrical wiring: Outdated electrical wiring is considered one of the leading causes of common electrical problems in the home. If your wiring is outdated, it’s time to replace it. Older homes often have aluminum buttons and plumbing. Contact a reliable electrician for replacement as soon as possible to avoid danger.

Circuit Breaker humming: As soon as you hear any buzzing from your circuit breaker, call a trusted electrical contractor immediately to investigate the problem. Don’t put this problem off, as the buzzing or humming could indicate a larger electrical problem that needs immediate attention.

Troubleshooting Common Electrical Switching Problems

Like any other electrical component, electrical switches encounter problems. In such cases, do not hesitate to call a professional and certified electrician to resolve the issue. Some solutions may even involve operating a trigger switch, requiring the skills of an experienced technician.

Not sure how to identify an electrical problem? Check out some common electrical switch problems below to familiarize yourself with the problem before the electrician arrives.

Blinking Lights

If you encounter flickering light fixtures in your home, remember to have them checked or replaced as soon as possible. You can easily fix the problem without the help of a professional electrician, but don’t forget that this can only be done if you are already familiar with electrical installations. There are several possible causes of this problem, one of which could be loose wiring, and another could be a bad bulb. If you know you buy the exact model, you can quickly swap out new bulbs. However, if that doesn’t work, call a licensed electrician right away to troubleshoot and ultimately fix the problem.

Broken wire device

Have you ever flipped an appliance switch only to find that your light fixture or appliance isn’t working? Have you ever tried to turn on the water heater and found that there is no hot water coming out of your shower? There could be a number of reasons behind these issues, but the main problem could be behind your wires. Another cause could be that your bulb has completely burned out, which is more likely to happen if you’re using unreliable CFLs. A short circuit can also be the cause of an electrical switch not working properly.

The electrical switch is hot when in use

Water heater switches and wall switches can get hot with regular use. This condition involves overloading, where it carries more power than it can handle. As with the other problems discussed above, electrical switches can also be hot to the touch due to miss-wiring. If the problem appears to endanger the safety of your family, immediately contact a professional electrician to repair the power switch, as this type of problem requires immediate attention.

Common electrical problems in the home

Before attempting any troubleshooting yourself, it’s important that you can identify common household electrical problems such as:

Overloading – This happens when a particular device is plugged into a lower-powered outlet. Always make sure that the wattage of a light bulb or other lower-powered within the wattage range of the outlet.

Power Surges – Power surges can happen for a variety of reasons. This includes everything from defective equipment to poorly laid wiring to lightning strikes.

Electric Shock – Electric shock usually happens when you turn an appliance on or off. Although the cause could be equipment or wiring, be sure to contact Arrowtech electrical and plumbing services immediately.

High Electricity Bills – Have you noticed a sudden increase in your electricity bills? This could be due to damaged wiring or circuitry.

Flickering Lights – This common household problem usually occurs when a wire becomes loose.

Circuit Breakers tripping constantly – High-powered equipment often causes circuit breakers to trip and often results in blackouts. Although this is common, be sure to call a certified electrician from Arrowtech electrical and plumbing services to resolve the issue.

Bulb burnt out – Have you ever found yourself buying a new light bulb only to burn out minutes after plugging it in? There are several reasons for this problem. The bulb may be high wattage, the circuit and power supply may be badly wired, or the insulator may be close to the bulb.

Do you have more than one of the above electrical problems? Contact Arrowtech electrical and plumbing services at 0714445566.

Electrical Installation Services in Kenya

Electrical Installation Services in Kenya

Electrical Installation Services in Kenya

Electrical installation projects are already stressful, but they can be even more difficult to manage, especially if not done properly. Since homes often have a lot of appliances and electrical installations, it’s best to install them properly to avoid problems in the future.
At Arrowtech Electrical and plumbing services, we can help you with all your electrical services, from the electrical installation of lighting fixtures to chandeliers to water heater installation and repair. We take care of electrical installation projects for your new home or business renovation. No matter what your needs are, we are confident to provide you with affordable prices and timely electrical installation services.

We specialize in

• Lighting installations: Lighting fixtures, bulbs, chandeliers, recessed lights, and LED light installations
• install ceiling fan
• Installing Outlets/Wall Outlets
• Installation of Electrical Switches
• Power distribution/circuit breaker panels for apartments, commercial shops, and houses.
• Electrical wiring, including home theatre wiring

We create transparent quotes for your installation projects and negotiate a full price with you, which remains the same barring unplanned surprises. Whether it’s a quick lighting installation or a commercial installation of extensions and fixtures, you can rest assured that we will save money on your project and meet the agreed delivery dates.

Lighting Fixtures – The right combination of lighting fixtures is very important to enhance the beauty and style of any home. We have a team of professional and certified electricians in Kenya who can install any lighting fixture or dimmer you like.

Ceiling Fan Installation – Arrowtech does quality ceiling fan installation for you. We also recommend the best ceiling fans for your home and make sure they are securely mounted to your roof trusses.

Electrical Installation

Outlet/wall outlet Installation – Having enough outlets and extension cords within 10 to 12 feet of the wall will make your home or office more comfortable. Let us help you cleanly install outlets in your home or office without damaging walls or existing wiring. Our experienced electricians will help you install extra outlets where you need them most.

Install a distribution board/breakout board – If you have a faulty breaker panel, you are sure to experience frequent power outages and travel around your home or office. We will replace any defective circuit breaker panels and install new distribution panels where they meet your current and future needs.

Generator Installation

Is your office Prepared for a power outage? Installing a backup generator will help you reduce downtime during a power outage. We can help you recommend and install generators and backup power systems to keep your business running smoothly no matter what.

How to Baby proof electrical Installations in your home

It is important to keep certain tips in mind to ensure that such installations are child-safe. You certainly don’t want your kids to be exposed to dangerous hazards, do you? If so, follow these simple tips:
Tamper Resistant Outlets
These tamper-resistant receptacles feature a spring-loaded mechanism that automatically closes the slot in the receptacle when the positive pole is not inserted. You can choose this type for your socket installation.

Buy Outlet Covers

This is a less expensive way to baby-proof outlets, as they snap in and cover the socket slot.
Upgrade to Deluxe Crimp Receptacle
This is a modified version of the socket cover above. These deluxe crimp sockets provide extra protection for naughty kids who love to press the switch and remove the cover at the same time.
Frequently Asked Questions about Installation
Most major appliances and devices in Kenyan homes require electricity to operate. Therefore, careful and professional electrical installation is required to ensure the safety of everyone working with such household items. Any incorrect and improper electrical installation can cause a momentary short circuit which can lead to a power outage or even a house fire. Therefore, it is best to contact a reliable electrician for electrical installation to avoid accidents in the future.

Common electrical installation failures

All wires should be properly routed and secured securely with clips or staples. Also, make sure that these clamps don’t fit so tightly around such cables that they damage the cables themselves. This is because such faulty wires can end up causing electrical problems. On the other hand, loosely laid wires can cause such cables to overheat, which can easily lead to accidental fires. Therefore, proper and professional wiring installation is essential to ensure the safety of Kenyan residents.

Most novice electricians probably still lack the necessary knowledge to perform this type of electrical installation. As a result, they may inadvertently use the wrong size and length of wire, which can cause serious potential hazards to electrical equipment in the home. To avoid such problems, only work with experienced and licensed electricians in Kenya who are able to install cables to the dimensions prescribed by the local electricity authority. Homeowners should also only work with electricians who have completed an electrical installation course from accredited institutions in Kenya.

The cable should be well wrapped with a plastic cable, otherwise, it is easy to damage the cable. In addition, when installing electrical wiring, an electrical junction box of appropriate size should be used to protect the electrical wiring. Never accidentally open these junction boxes to avoid accidents due to contact with live wires. Therefore, these boxes should be closed tightly with metal lids for safety.
Avoid short circuits by making sure the correct circuit breakers are used in your electrical installation. Your electrician should strictly follow the guidelines for electrical installations.

Junction boxes should not have too many wires running in one place, as this can lead to overheating and house fires. So it’s best to use larger junction boxes and run the correct size cables through to avoid such accidents. Ask your electrician to check their electrical installation checklist to avoid mistakes and make sure all necessary tasks are done.

The lights may also be installed incorrectly, such as incorrect placement of live and neutral wires. A reliable electrician should always opt to use a circuit tester to make sure the wires are installed correctly.

Electrical Installation Safety Tips

Are you doing a new electrical installation? To avoid possible accidents, follow these important electrical

installation safety tips:

Remember that everything is live: Electrical equipment and installations should be handled with care, especially if they are live. There is a high risk of electric shock when handling live electrical wires. It is usually a mistake to think that only live wires are dangerous. People also often find it difficult to distinguish one type of wire from another, which makes it all the more important to handle them with care.

Turn off the power: When dealing with any electrical problem, you should always make sure that the power is turned off. This ensures your personal safety while doing electrical work. Do not turn the power switch on again until the electrical installation is complete and you want to test that the unit is working. If you hire a professional electrician to do the job, make sure they take the course as well.

Ensure Proper Insulation: Tools used to troubleshoot any type of electrical problem or electrical installation should have a “safety” handle. Check that these handles are really made of non-conductive material to ensure your safety and avoid possible accidents.

Watch your hands: Since electrical installation mostly involves manual work, don’t interfere with electrical work you’re not fully familiar with. When working with electricity, make sure your hands are completely dry. Also, be sure to wear electrician’s gloves and closed-toed shoes. Most importantly, be careful what you touch, as your hands are the main point of contact. A trustworthy and reliable electrical repair company in Kenya should know these safety rules.

Try to use only one hand: The current always flows through the chest fastest. If you use both hands at the same time, you are likely to amplify this current because your chest is between your hands. Therefore, it is recommended to always operate power tools with one hand and keep the other hand away from electrical conductors.

Electrical installation location: Before starting work, check where you are doing electrical installations. Remember, it’s important to check the viability of the location in advance. Avoid installation work in relatively cold rooms where it may be damp. Don’t take chances, make sure the place is absolutely dry and free of moisture.

Help a co-worker: Most electrical installation jobs require more than a pair of hands. It is not recommended for anyone to do electrical work themselves. When dealing with various electrical problems, you should help each other in the process. If other people come into contact with live wires, remember to turn off the main power immediately to avoid contact with people. A certified electrician from an electrical repair company in Kenya should know these basic safety rules.

Doorbell Installation Services in Kenya

Doorbell Installation Services in Kenya

Installing a doorbell is an essential piece of equipment for any property to alert owners or occupants that someone is at their door. Upon hearing the doorbell, family members decide whether it is safe to open the door and take appropriate action. Most homes in Kenya will hire an electrician to install the doorbell. Families can choose wired, wireless or smart doorbells depending on their needs.

Benefits of Installing a wired doorbell

Most households will call on the services of Arrowtech electricians to install their doorbells. However, built-in doorbells often fail after a period of use, especially if they are used very frequently.
Before planning this electrical installation, homeowners must decide whether they want to install a wired or wireless doorbell. Here are the benefits of installing a wired doorbell.

Wired doorbell

When you’re installing your doorbell or replacing your doorbell switch, you should know that it’s made up of several components that are wired together.
Replacing a wired bell is often easier because the wiring can be reused. You should avoid do-it-yourself electrical repairs, as only certified electricians are familiar with the job.

Advantages of a wired doorbell

Provide space for illuminated buttons
The button of the doorbell may not be seen at night. Therefore, many homeowners prefer to install an illuminated button that is eye-catching at night.
Homeowners who want a lighted button for their doorbell should opt for a wired doorbell as an alternative. Consider it cheaper and requires less maintenance.

Electrical Safety for Doorbells

Rewiring a wired doorbell is difficult, so that’s why good electricians are hired. Once a doorbell is installed, it can last a decade or more.
Hiring a certified electrician is your best bet as they can do all electrical repairs and even give you tips on electrical maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance of the wireless doorbell requires more time and effort.

Wireless systems are expensive

There are a few things to consider when buying a doorbell, one of which is the cost of installing the doorbell. A wireless system that uses radio frequency signals. Meanwhile, wired doorbells have a transmitter.
Wireless systems themselves are more advanced and more expensive than wired doorbells, as are electrical system repairs and replacements.


One factor that should be considered before installing a doorbell is the high level of security. A wired doorbell is more secure because it’s mostly indoors, so it’s harder to tamper with the wiring.


Since most people have busy schedules, they want to spend less time maintaining their appliances and other household items.
A quality wired doorbell installed by an electrician will usually last about 10 years.

Here are 5 ways to maintain your electrical installations in order to keep them working for a long time.
No distraction

Reasons why the doorbell you installed isn’t working

Most doorbell brands last at least ten or fifteen years, depending on the doorbell and wires. However, some homeowners are finding that the doorbell they install doesn’t work properly. Here are some reasons why the doorbell you installed may not work as it should.


In some cases, dust, dirt, or insects can collect in the buttons, affecting their performance. Therefore, it is very important to know how to clean electrical installations.

chime box

Dust and dirt are also a factor in the performance of bell boxes. However, electronic devices are often damaged by heat, moisture, or other causes. A broken bell box should be replaced, which is also a sign that you need to replace the wires.


In some cases, the transformer may not work, preventing the bell box from getting the power it needs. In most cases, the transformer must be replaced.

Wiring error

Incorrect wires are another contributing factor to doorbell failure. It’s important to find a reliable electrician who understands the various components of your doorbell.
Improper installation

Interior lighting installation

Interior lighting installation

Installing the right interior lighting design can drastically improve the feel of almost any room. Good lighting makes a big difference. All well-designed spaces should have thoughtful interior lighting to create the right ambiance, productivity or relaxation, and enhance safety.

We at Arrowtech electrical and plumbing services have seen many different homes and commercial remodeling projects over time, each space benefiting from professional interior lighting fixtures.
What it takes to complete a project installing quality interior lighting. There are some basics, including the following:

Assess your lighting needs

How will you use the space provided and what look and feel are you trying to achieve? These considerations will help you create a lighting design plan so we can install fixtures when and where you need them for optimal lighting.
Scrutinizing a room’s features can also help you focus on areas of your interior lighting priorities, helping you cut costs and save time throughout your lighting installation project.

Choose the right lighting product

There are many excellent lighting products on the market, and there are options for every lighting need, whether residential or commercial.

We offer a wide range of lighting products including:

• Ceiling lamps
• Decorative lights
• Dental light
• Digital displays
• Road signs
• Emergency lightings
• Exit signs
• High and low bay lights
• Indoor architectural lighting
• Menu boards
• Polyethylene signs
• Refrigerator and Freezer Lighting

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of lighting fixtures and product options, especially if you’re not sure which type of lighting solution is best for your particular space. Therefore, we recommend that you choose an experienced lighting solution company like Arrowtech electrical and plumbing solutions.

Our interior lighting specialist can help you navigate the various lighting products available, show you which lighting options will meet your specific needs, and coordinate the details of your lighting installation.
Hiring a professional handyman can also provide peace of mind knowing that the interior lighting in your home or business has been installed in accordance with all relevant regulations and meets high safety standards.

Create a lighting Maintenance Plan

After installing interior lighting, it’s a good idea to have a lighting maintenance plan in place as well. You want to make sure your lighting is working as efficiently as possible and make necessary lighting repairs right away.
For these reasons, Arrowtech offers a comprehensive lighting maintenance service, including monthly service plans and on-call maintenance. We know how important it is to have safe, energy-efficient, and well-functioning lighting.

Professional interior lighting can make a difference in any type of space. It pays to take the time to plan your lighting needs, choose the right lighting products, hire an experienced lighting professional, and maintain your lighting fixtures.

Arrowtech can help you through every step of the interior lighting installation process. To learn more about our services or to request a quote for a specific project, please call 0714445566.

Electrical rewiring services

Electrical rewiring services

The rewiring cost depends on the size of the apartment, the accessibility of old wiring, and the number of electrical points (such as light points, sockets, air conditioning points, and water heater points).

Should you rewire your house or apartment?

We are in contact with electrical appliances every day, and having electrical appliances at home is definitely a necessity. Should you rewire the house or apartment you just bought? It might be worth consulting an electrician and having him/her assess the needs. As usual, many electricians will recommend rewiring for safety reasons and to absolve themselves of potential liability in the event of an electrical accident. General guidelines for rewiring your home or apartment that is more than 10 years old then you’ll notice the following signs:

  • Frequent tripping of the mains or circuit breaker;
  • A large number of blown fuses;
  • The socket has a burning smell; and or
  • Discolored sockets and switches.

There is always a choice between taking a risk and saving money or playing it safe Anyone who decides not to rewire must do so at the associated risk.

Rewiring Services by a Licensed Electrician

It is important that a job of this size be done by a licensed, qualified, and experienced electrician. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re moving into new premises and the wiring isn’t done properly and you discover electrical issues. Correcting wiring after moving into your premises can be a headache. As long as the licensed electrician is reliable and experienced, the price of rewiring (if reasonable) should accrue. Safety is more important than saving a few shillings on rewiring. Our office is able to provide you with affordable electrical installation rewiring quotes. Call us today at 0714445566 or contact us for more information on our Arrowtech electrical and plumbing services website.

In addition to rewiring houses and apartments, we also provide LED light installation, various light repair services, and other electrical repair work.

Home automation system installers in Nairobi

Home automation system installers

Home automation system installers in Nairobi

Our homes are getting “smarter”. With so many different electrical devices in our homes or office, it makes sense to use smart home technology to allow the different systems to “talk” to each other, making the operations of your home easy to control.

From controlling the heating of your desk at work to monitoring the security of your home while on vacation, smart home solutions can give you peace of mind and generally make life easier.

At Arrowtech Electricals, we are experts at helping you get your smart device up and running. We can help with the necessary wiring, installing smart switches or thermostats, and a range of other smart technologies.
Contact us today for a quote or learn more about how we can help you automate your home.

Smart Home Expert

Smart home devices are becoming more and more popular. Simply put, a smart home uses connected devices to manage and monitor other devices and systems, such as heating, lighting or security systems.

Learn more about how to run your home more efficiently by exploring our wide range of smart home electrical services.

  • Smart heating thermostat
  • Smart water thermostat
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart audio
  • Smart home entertainment system
  • Smart blind devices
  • Smart security

Why choose Arrowtech Electricals for smart home installation

Smart Home Expert -We’ve worked on a variety of smart home installations and know how to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Handle – We make sure all prices are competitive and all work is done to the highest standards.

Always respect each other –We understand that we work in your home and will always treat it and you with the utmost respect.

No job too small –Whatever your smart home needs, we can help. From small installations to full home automation, we can help.

Safe installation – We work according to the latest safety standards and all our work is certified accordingly.

The latest technology –We keep up with smart home trends and can help with a variety of new technologies.

Indoor lighting solutions in Nairobi

Interior lighting solutions in

Interior lighting solutions in Nairobi.

Whether you need light fixtures, a complete overhaul of all lighting and wiring in your home, or emergency lighting, Arrowtech Electricians provides a full range of electrician services in Nairobi.

From classic interior lighting fixtures to adding the latest smart technology to control the lighting in your home, our fully qualified, knowledgeable, and friendly electricians will work with you to install and maintain interior lighting solutions designed to make your home both attractive Power can also generate energy while being efficient.

Lighting installations in Nairobi

From a single light fixture to a large pendant or spotlight, we have experience installing lighting fixtures in residential and commercial properties safely, quickly, and efficiently.

While in some cases it’s easy to replace the light yourself, we take the stress out of making sure your light installation is safe and effective.

Modern lamps come in many types, and you may need to install things like downlights, special LED lighting, or even antique light fixtures, which in many cases will require an electrician to make sure it’s done correctly.

Our experts at Arrowtech Electricals will be at your home in no time to get your lighting up and running in no time, so you can enjoy your new lights with peace of mind.

Interior Lighting Repair

It is a fact of life that we sometimes experience power outages in our homes. After examining the usual suspects including light bulbs and your consumer unit, it may be time to call our professional electricians.

While in most cases if only one area of ​​your home is affected, you can wait until someone is there to deal with the problem during business hours, it may be necessary to call an emergency electrician in your area to protect your home, for example, if you have a catastrophic Lighting failure that could be dangerous to children or vulnerable people in your home, or the building is used for commercial purposes.

Lighting problems can have many causes. From problems with the faucet itself to problems with the circuit that powers your home.

All of our electricians are fully trained and qualified, and our goal is always to identify problems and implement solutions as quickly as possible to get you back on track as quickly as possible and keep costs as low as possible.

LED home lighting in Nairobi

Installing an LED lighting solution in your home can help you save a lot on your energy bills while reducing the need for constant bulb replacements, as some LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, which equates to about 100 hours of constant lighting for 10 years!

LED light strips can be elegantly incorporated into various areas of your home or office, such as under cabinets or open shelves, downlights in the kitchen, or even outdoors in the garden or balcony.

Contact Arrowtech Electricians today to find out how we can help transform the look of your home or office and save money with LED lighting fixtures

Nairobi moving lights

When renovating your home, you may need to move your lighting to accommodate the new layout. Moving lights around a home often require rewiring, as new wiring is required to power the new light fixture.
Learn more about our rewiring services in Nairobi.

Add wall sconces to your Nairobi home

Wall sconces are a great way to add mood lighting to any room and also help free up space that would otherwise be taken up by traditional light fixtures.

For example, adding a wall-mounted bedside lamp to your bedroom gives you space on your nightstand without having to put a freestanding bedside lamp in it—meaning you can use the space for other things.

In fact, wall sconces are popular throughout the home and can be used to provide softer lighting than the main fixture or to provide additional task lighting in specific areas.

light switch

At Arrowtech Electricians, we offer a wide range of services to help you replace the light switches or sockets in your Nairobi home or office.

While in many cases it is possible to replace a light switch yourself, as the types of switches become more complex you may need some help at Arrowtech Electricians we offer a reliable and affordable service to help you replace or install your switch.

Replace lights with ceiling garlands.

If you live in a traditional property, you may have ornate features such as ceiling roses or cornices. Arrowtech Electricians are specialists in Nairobi so we have worked on a variety of older properties.

That’s why we take extra care when installing new lighting to maintain the integrity of your home’s historic features.

Add a dimmer switch to your home

Dimmer switches provide the ability to control room lighting levels, allowing you to quickly switch between dim ambient lighting or brighter lights when needed.

Dimmable lights also mean you save energy because dimmer switches use less power than full-power switches, which can also help your bulbs last longer.

With a wide variety of dimmer switches on the market today, it’s worth noting that with LED lighting you also need to be careful about buying the right type of bulb – as not all LED bulbs are dimmable and can be unreliable.

Arrowtech Electricians are experts at installing dimmer switches for both LED and standard settings and can guide you through the pros and cons of both.

Kitchen Lighting Installation

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home, a place the whole family can enjoy, whether it’s cooking, eating, relaxing, working, reading the newspaper, or just spending quality time together.

Based on this, homeowners are increasingly realizing that installing various lighting fixtures in our kitchens can completely change the way the space is used.

For example, kitchens can provide zones by creating different spaces using different types of lighting, such as: and accent lighting, such as track lighting or recessed downlights, to accentuate kitchen features.

At Arrowtech Electricians, we have helped many clients transform their kitchens into comfortable and functional home focal points with clever lighting fixtures. From adding LED lighting to the base of kitchen cabinets to complete kitchen rewiring, we can help you achieve the kitchen ambiance of your dreams with clever lighting.

Installing a spotlight in a Nairobi home or office

Spotlights are increasingly popular in Nairobi homes and flats, and for good reason.

Spotlights in your home can provide excellent light coverage, especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

If you, for example, assign spotlights to specific switches, allow you to control multiple spotlight zones with different switches, or add dimmer switches, spotlight lighting is an especially flexible way to light up spaces in your home.

Can I add spotlights to my apartment or condo?

When an electrician installs a spotlight in a home, they usually need to go into the room where the spotlight is to be installed, whether it’s an upstairs room or an attic. If you live in an apartment and don’t have access to the floor above, further work may be required as additional holes may be required to run cables.

At Arrowtech Electricians, we are specialists in Nairobi and therefore have extensive experience in electrical installations in flats and apartments, and we can often provide solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.
If you would like to install a spotlight in your house or apartment, please contact us for a custom quote.

Smart lighting in your Nairobi home or office

Many homes are now turning to exciting new smart lighting devices and fixtures to control the lighting in the home.

From light bulbs that can change color with a simple voice command to adding sensors that enable automatic lighting, smart lighting solutions are changing the way we control the lights in our homes.

At Arrowtech Electricals, we can help install and maintain a full range of smart lighting equipment. Learn more about our smart home electrician services.

Installing chandeliers in Nairobi

Installing a chandelier can be a delicate task that requires not only electrical skills but also the dexterity to properly handle your chandelier.

Our experienced electricians have extensive experience installing and moving pendant lights.

From modern fixtures to large antique crystal chandeliers, our fully qualified electricians can help you move or install them in your Nairobi home.

Outdoor and Garden Lighting

Arrowtech Electricians in Nairobi understands that your outdoor space can be an extension of your home and therefore offers a wide range of outdoor lighting solutions.

From installing outdoor lighting and sockets to outdoor LED solutions, find out more about Arrowtech Electrician’s outdoor electrical services in Nairobi.

Emergency Electrician for Lighting Problems

At some point, you may have problems with the lighting in your home. Whether it’s a single luminaire not working or a lighting circuit interruption affecting a range of lighting fixtures.

Lights in your home or apartment can suddenly go out for a variety of reasons, from defective circuits or switches to wiring problems. In some cases, you may need emergency help to get your lights back on, and this is where our reliable Nairobi emergency electricians can help. We always try to solve the problem on the spot and can contact you within 1 hour in most cases.

Emergency electrician Nairobi

Emergency Electrician Nairobi

Arrowtech Electricians is Nairobi’s emergency electrician service. If you have an electrical problem that requires 24/7 operation, one of our experts can work with you to quickly resolve your problem.

We’re emergency call specialists, so we’ve got the equipment to get to the root of the problem quickly, and the tools and parts to give you a quick fix.

Whatever your emergency, our friendly, reliable, and experienced electricians are on call to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

24-hour electrician emergency service in Nairobi.

At Arrowtech Electricians, we understand that unfortunately, electrical problems don’t just happen during the workday. If you have an electrical problem at night or on holidays, it can actually be worse than during the day because certain factors (such as light failure or electric heating) will make it worse – no one wants to sit in a cold, dark home, waiting until Rescue arrived the next morning.

What emergency electrician services do you provide?

At Arrowtech Electricians, we can help you with any electrical emergency. Whether you’re experiencing a complete power outage, an alarm that won’t stop, or an outlet that needs a quick fix, we can help you get back to normal.

Here are some emergency power problems we can help with

  • Complete loss of performance
  • lighting failure
  • Outlet power failure
  • consumer unit problem
  • trip circuit breaker
  • Fault alarm system
  • problem with the door opening system

How much does an emergency electrician cost?

We understand that when you need an emergency electrician in an emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is rising costs.

Depending on the nature of the problem, your electrical problem itself may cost you money, such as If you are a business, the problem may cause damage to your home or belongings.

We aim to address this concern by providing a transparent pricing structure.

Emergency electrician in the Nairobi office

Most modern offices cannot function without electricity. From running computers to securing access to offices with access systems to complying with safety regulations, a power emergency can be catastrophic for any business and result in lost revenue, which can be extremely disruptive.

Our electricians are emergency response specialists and will be at your office right away to get you back up and running.

We are at your service day and night and will always work with you to ensure the safety and comfort of your employees, working in a way that does not compromise your business needs.

Emergency electrician for your home in Nairobi

Electrical problems in your home can give you a lot of headaches. From not being able to access the TV or the internet to the alarm system shutting down or no lights going out, a power emergency can be devastating if the problem is not addressed quickly.

At Arrowtech Electricians, we understand that an electrical emergency in your home can be stressful for you, so our goal is to resolve your issue as quickly as possible while being clear and open about what we do so you can feel comfortable when you have a problem. Total comfort is being restored.

When should I call an emergency electrician?

What we believe constitutes an emergency is entirely up to you! For example, if you’re planning a dinner party, a faulty stove outlet can be a problem, and even the loss of one light fixture can be a disaster for an office space. There is really no job too small.

However, in some cases, we strongly recommend that you call an emergency electrician as your electrical system may have become dangerous. If you see smoke from an electrical outlet or smell burning, please turn off the power and call us.

A buzzing or humming sound from your consumer unit can also be a cause for concern, as it could indicate a wider problem that may be dangerous. A complete power outage can also be dangerous in some cases, for example, if you have vulnerable people in your home.

Whatever your emergency, please contact us and we will work with you to quickly secure your home.

What are your qualifications?

All of our electricians are fully insured and currently certified and registered.
All of our electricians follow strict codes and guidelines to ensure you as our customer are fully protected and have peace of mind.

Do you vouch for your electrical work?

Yes, we do. All work performed by one of our electricians carries the appropriate certification. You will receive this information at the end of our visit.


How long will it take my emergency electrician to find me?

We are based in Nairobi and have contractors ready to come to you for your emergency. In most cases, we will contact you within an hour.
Our friendly office team will let you know exactly when your electrician will arrive and, in rare cases, keep you informed.

What if my emergency electrician cannot fix the problem on the spot?

Our goal is to solve problems every time you call us. However, this is not possible in some cases, such as when new parts are needed in an emergency but cannot be obtained, such as B. If it must be purchased during wholesale business hours.

If this is the case, our priority is to make sure your home is safe and advise you on how to keep you and your family comfortable until we get back to fix the problem. In most cases, we can resolve your issue within 24 hours

Nairobi electric shower repair & installation professionals

Bathroom Lighting

Electric shower installation in Nairobi.

Electric showers offer great benefits to households where there is a limited supply of hot water from the tank, as it provides hot water or demand – a must-have for busy families where everyone is trying to get ready at around the same time!

Electric showers completely bypass the hot water requirements of other showers as they take water from the cold water supply and contain a heated element that functions by bringing water to the required temperature as it passes through the shower unit, almost instantly heating it by the time it reaches the shower head.

The temperature is controlled by changing the speed at which the water flows through the element. New electric showers must be installed by a qualified electrician or plumber. Each electric shower must be powered directly from a fuse box on a dedicated circuit to ensure a safe installation.

Arrowtech electricians are fully qualified to install electric showers and will ensure your installation is in compliance with building codes.

socket in bathroom

Conventional electrical outlets are not allowed or installed in bathrooms or showers unless they are at least ten feet away from the tub or shower, which is impractical in most bathrooms.

However, if you want to install equipment such as a bathroom TV, an Arrowtech electrician can help you add hard wiring outside the bathroom to allow for bathroom-approved equipment.

Installation of the shaver socket

Bathrooms allow for low-voltage shaver sockets, which can power not only electric shavers, but also items such as electric toothbrushes, dental floss, and other low-voltage bathroom appliances.

Arrowtech Electricians can help you install safe and effective electrical outlets for your bathroom, keeping your family’s needs in mind.

Installing a towel rail or heater

Central heating is the safest way to keep your bathroom warm. However, this is not practical in all situations, and many homeowners appreciate the aesthetic and practical advantages of installing a towel rail or dedicated heater in the bathroom.

Any electric or gas water heater installed in the bathroom must be permanently installed and permanently wired unless power is supplied from an outlet at least ten feet away from the tub or shower. Under no circumstances should a portable heater be used in your bathroom or shower.

Talk to us today about installing a towel rail or electric heater for your bathroom.

Extractor fans installation Nairobi

Fully functional range hoods in bathrooms, showers, and toilets are essential for hygiene and ensuring your damp rooms are free of condensation, which can cause dampness and mold.

Moisture can damage the structure of your property and the health of the people who live in it.
If you are a landlord or own a commercial building, ventilation is required by law through bathroom windows or exhaust fans, and every bathroom should have a fan that draws air at a rate of at least 15 liters per minute and runs continuously for 15 minutes after power is turned off

We work with you to assemble the best range hood for your bathroom and connect it securely to the mains.

Exhaust Fan Repair and Replacement

If you experience any of the following issues, it may indicate that you need to repair or replace your bathroom hood

  • Loud or excessive noise that didn’t exist before
  • Fan power failure
  • Increased humidity/mold in bathroom
  • The timer doesn’t work (stays on or doesn’t start at all)
  • Visible wet stains in the bathroom or shower area
  • At Arrowtech Electricians, we will always advise you on the best course of action and repair your fans wherever possible.

Can I put a TV in the bathroom?

Yes! Some TVs are specifically designed to be installed in bathrooms. However, due to the dangers of mixing water and electricity, you must choose a TV that is specifically designed for this purpose.

The wiring for this type of installation is outside the bathroom and at Arrowtech Electricians we have extensive experience installing bathroom TVs.

Install a digital wireless shower

A new innovation in shower technology, the digital shower offers many advantages, including the ability to control the temperature from outside the shower and, in the case of the wireless version, greater installation flexibility.

You’re tired of jumping into the shower and waiting for the water to get hot – why not let it run to your liking before you step into the shower?
Thanks to the separate mixer and separate shower controls, the valve can be hidden so less plumbing is required.

Bathroom electrical installations

As we all know, water and electricity cannot be mixed. Since water is the conduit that carries electricity, the combination of the two can actually be deadly. Therefore, if you need to install electrical equipment in your bathroom, it is important that it be installed by a certified electrician.

At Arrowtech Electricians, we have helped install a variety of electrical products in bathrooms in Nairobi. Our experienced electricians work to the highest standards to ensure the electrical equipment provided in your bathroom is completely safe, while still allowing you to enjoy features such as a power shower, ambient lighting, and even a TV or speaker system.

Which lights are safe for my bathroom?

Ideally, all lights in the bathroom should be closed, not lights hanging from the ceiling. As mentioned above, the luminaires have an IP rating to ensure they are suitable for the area in which they are located.

Nairobi bathroom light installation

Arrowtech Electricians can help you install bathroom lighting. From a single closed faucet to creating a truly atmospheric experience through colors, different light tones, and downlights, we help you ensure that your bathroom or shower offers a relaxing or energizing experience every time you enter.

bathroom spotlight

Installing a spotlight can be a popular choice for bathrooms and showers, as it gives you good light so you can easily perform everyday tasks such as applying makeup, making sure you shave, and maintaining good eyesight to keep the room clean.
Arrowtech Electricians are spotlight installation specialists who can help plan and implement bathroom lighting.

light switch in bathroom

Any non-enclosed luminaires must be placed out of the reach of the user or remain damp in the bath or shower. The same goes for your light switches – every day switches carry the risk of getting wet and wet hands. Ceiling-mounted wall switches are the safest option.

Outdoor lighting installation services in Nairobi

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Nairobi.

Arrowtech Electricians are experts in installing, repairing, and maintaining outdoor lighting systems. From installing safety lights to making sure your outdoor lighting designs come to life, our friendly and knowledgeable electricians are on hand to assist you with all your outdoor or garden lighting needs.

Balcony Outdoor Lighting

Space in Nairobi is at a premium, and for many, outdoor space can be a balcony, patio, or roof garden. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved through the smart use of lighting.

For small balconies, adding beautiful light fixtures or colorful LED lanterns can greatly improve the look of your outdoor space.

For larger patios, installing downlights or spotlights on planters and benches will add to the ambiance and allow you to create a space that is both charming and functional.

Add outdoor lighting to your Nairobi garden

Our gardens are increasingly an extension of our homes, and homeowners are looking to make the most of garden lighting with smart lighting designs that add that extra wow factor to your garden.

Installing outdoor lights means you can enjoy your garden well into the night on warm summer nights, and combined with clever design, you can make your garden a place to use and enjoy all year round.

Outdoor security lighting installation in Nairobi

Arrowtech Electricians can assist with the installation of a range of security lighting solutions.

Security lights on the front of the property help illuminate entry points such as porches, stairwells, and recessed areas so you can easily spot lurking hazards and ensure you can reach the front door safely without worrying about tripping or losing access to keys Door because of poor lighting.

For the back of your home, you may want to install motion sensor lighting that lights up your yard when motion is detected, or even a system that detects body temperature (PIR system) to reduce the chance of the sensor being triggered by wildlife.

We can also install security lighting at the same time as the alarm system, providing additional security and protection to your home.

Whether you want to install a simple safety light or a system to protect and illuminate the perimeter of a large garden, our friendly and fully qualified electricians can help.

Add ambient lighting outdoors

Modern garden design continues to evolve and more and more people are adding exciting ambient lighting, for example by adding LED colored lighting in areas like planters or spotlights in patio areas. There are a variety of lighting solutions that can add ambiance to your outdoor space.

Wall sconces in your yard can provide the opportunity for zoning your yard, allowing you to effectively use parts of your yard at dawn for dining, entertaining, or gardening.

Facade lighting in Nairobi

Facade lighting can change the look of your home and add more light to your home or building.

Adding facade lighting to your home provides the combined benefits of making your home look attractive after dark, while also adding another layer of security because your building is well-lit.

Adding features like spotlights, downlights, overhead lights or smart LED lighting can dramatically change the aesthetics of your property, turning a modest exterior into an exciting focal point.

Whatever your exterior lighting needs, contact us to discuss how we can help you transform your home with smart outdoor lighting solutions.

Recreational garden lighting

If you regularly use your garden for events such as parties, barbecues or just informal dinners, it may be beneficial to add mains lighting rather than relying on temporary or battery-powered options, after all, no one wants a party to be interrupted by a light failure.

We will help you install reliable and atmospheric outdoor lighting.

Our friendly and qualified electricians can handle everything from moody touches like tree and foliage lighting to adding outdoor sconces and lamp posts, ensuring you have enough light for a stylish outdoor dinner party.

Add Lighting and Power to a Garden Shed or Shed

As space is at a premium in Nairobi, many homeowners are converting their garden sheds and summer homes into extra rooms that can be used as office space, a kids’ lounge area, and in some cases even a mini bar!

Adding electrical equipment to an outhouse allows you to have an extra room in your property without expensive work such as renovations or attic remodeling, and allows you to use standard household items like TVs, portable heaters, game consoles, and computers.

At Arrowtech Electricians, we can help you remodel your shed or garden shed and add dependable lighting and electrical outlets. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Road lighting installation

Regardless of the size of your driveway, you may need to add extra lights to your driveway. From wall markings that help you park or get in and out of your driveway, to spotlights that make the driveway more attractive and accentuate the paving pattern, adding lighting solutions to your driveway can make your home appear more attractive as you approach the street.

The outdoor outlet for garden

Outdoor outlets can go hand in hand with your outdoor lighting system.

From powering electric garden equipment, like a lawn mower, to letting you play music outdoors or power an electric patio heater, outdoor outlets allow you to use your garden or outdoor area as an extension of your home.

At Arrowtech Electricians, we are experts at installing outdoor outlets and always making sure they are completely safe and weatherproof