Installation of new sockets & switches in Nairobi

Replacing light switches and sockets in Nairobi

At some point, you may want to replace a switch or outlet in your home.

Whether you’re moving a hard-to-reach light switch or adding a new outlet to suit modern life, our friendly and experienced electricians will work with you to understand exactly what you need and get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Nairobi socket replacement

Outlets in your home can be damaged or broken for a variety of reasons. Typically mounted low on the wall, sockets may wear out from daily use. However, a cracked or damaged outlet is a hazard and should be replaced as soon as possible to keep you and your family safe.

In some cases, your outlet may be unavailable for other reasons, such as Blocked sockets or loose plug prongs in sockets. In these cases, the inside of the socket may be damaged and must be replaced.
If you notice a burning smell from the outlet or see black spots, contact an electrician immediately.

Service socket

In most cases, sockets need to be replaced, not repaired. The reason is that there are no replacement parts for the socket’s internal components, so a new socket is usually required.

However, the socket can be repaired in some cases, such as If the socket is too loose or too tight, your plug won’t fit. If your socket is blocked, it can be removed.

When an outlet doesn’t work at all, the problem is usually not the socket itself, but the wiring behind the outlet or the fuse box that needs repair – which may have just come loose or be indicative of a bigger problem.

Our experienced Nairobi electricians are trained to identify socket problems and fix them quickly to ensure we provide you with the most cost-effective and fastest solution.

Installing new sockets in Nairobi home or office

Adding extra outlets to your house or apartment can make your home or office safer and more functional. Modern homes are now equipped with more technology than ever, as we all have more devices such as TVs, game consoles, laptops, digital TV boxes, and more. Using an extension plug to power such a device can be dangerous, as it can overload your system and be unsightly, resulting in many tangled cables behind or on the sides of your TV console.

Installing additional outlets can add desired functionality to your home or office, and if desired, can be built directly into the wall to maintain a clean look. You can even reduce the need for more sockets by adding sockets with USB jacks, reducing the need to charge things like phones, kindles, and other devices.

Your kitchen may also need to add additional outlets. Much older homes and offices were designed at a time when we were using fewer kitchen utensils than we do today, so you may find you have to constantly unplug things like a toaster or kettle to make room for an electric mixer bowl or even a microwave space.

An electrician can easily and simply install a new electrical outlet in your home or office, and our friendly, experienced electricians will work with you to ensure the job is done with minimal hassle and disruption.

Contact us today for a quote to install an socket outlet in your Nairobi home, office, or apartment.

Socket or switch for mobile Nairobi

Many of us have to move an outlet or light switch at some point. This could be because you want to change the location of your furniture, or you have an additional structure or other structure that makes the current location of your switches and sockets inappropriate for your new facility.
If you need to move an outlet or switch in your home or office, Arrowtech Electricians can help. Our fully qualified electricians will move one or more socket and switches quickly and safely, always making sure we respect your home.

How much does it cost to add a new socket in Nairobi?

The cost of adding a new socket outlet to your home, office, or apartment depends on several factors, including the number of socket outlets to be replaced, the new location of the socket outlet, and the type of outlet you need. This is because the complexity of the job may depend on some of these elements. At Arrowtech Electricians, we are always transparent about our prices and we promise to always give you the best value for money when relocating or adding a new outlet to your Nairobi home or office.
Contact us today for a custom socket installation quote.

Installing new light switches in your home or office

When adding new lighting, you may need new light switches in your home or office, such as a new light fixture, switching to spotlights, or if you want to modernize the look of your home with more modern light switches.

Adding extra switches can change the lighting in your home or office and create an ambiance by adding items such as dimmer switches that allow you to control the brightness of light fixtures or more complex light switches that allow you to control different areas of the room, such as the kitchen. There are work lights, Downlights, and ambience lighting.

Whatever new light switch you need, Arrowtech Electricians can help.


Nairobi Light Switch Repair

Do you want to turn on your lights but nothing happens? If the light doesn’t come on, the problem is usually your power supply or wiring. However, in some cases, when everything else is ruled out, the fault may lie inside (or behind) your light switch itself.
The power cord may come off the back of the outlet cover, preventing the outlet from functioning properly.
At Arrowtech Electricians, we can help you quickly identify light switch problems and fix them quickly, safely, and efficiently.

More and more homeowners are looking to equip their homes with smart lighting. Smart lighting comes in many forms and can be controlled from devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and in some cases, even voice control from devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

While there are many smart light switches you can install yourself, for your safety and security, it’s best to have a qualified electrician install them for you. In some cases, the task can be more complicated because not all smart switches are compatible with older types of circuits, in these cases a dimmer may be a suitable alternative that allows you to control the lighting in the room and create Ambience.

If you have older types of circuits and want to use more home or office automation, it may be worth rewiring some parts of your home.

Arrowtech Electricians are smart home electrical experts who will work with you to automate your home or office, give you peace of mind and enjoy your new smart lighting.

Install the USB socket
Most of us have many electronic devices that require charging from a USB outlet. Installation of the USB socket

From phones to Kindles to other devices like Fitbits and speakers. If we’re going to charge these devices, we’ll need an outlet, which you might want to use for other household appliances.

As a result, more and more people are adding sockets that include SUB charging sockets.

Arrowtech Electricians can help you install these new socket outlets and make charging a breeze!

Outdoor lighting and socket installation
If you have a garden, chances are you’ve considered adding lighting and Sockets to make the most of your outdoor space. You might want some outdoor Christmas lights or light up your garden for outdoor entertaining in the summer.

Not only does an outdoor socket outlet help with mowing, it also means you can enjoy music or an outdoor electric heater.

No matter what outdoor lighting and sockets you need, Arrowtech Electricians are experts in providing safe and reliable outdoor electrical equipment designed to withstand any weather in Nairobi.

Add new socket outlets to your garage or shed.

Adding new outlets to the garage or shed Garages are less and less used to store your car. In fact, many of us use our garage or shed to pursue a hobby or work in a space separate from our home or office.

In these cases, you may want to add extra socket outlets to your garage, shed, or garden shed so that you can always use items like computers, tools, or other appliances.

Whatever your needs, an Arrowtech electrician will help you get a fully functional power source for the area so you can enjoy the extra space.

Add an EV charging station to your Nairobi home or office
Adding an EV charging station to your Nairobi home Many car owners are now switching to fully electric or hybrid vehicles.

While these cars can be charged from a standard outlet, most EV owners will benefit from installing a dedicated charging station for faster and more energy-efficient charging.

We can help you install an electric vehicle charging station or additional outlet at the location of your choice.


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