Outdoor lighting installation services in Nairobi

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Nairobi.

Arrowtech Electricians are experts in installing, repairing, and maintaining outdoor lighting systems. From installing safety lights to making sure your outdoor lighting designs come to life, our friendly and knowledgeable electricians are on hand to assist you with all your outdoor or garden lighting needs.

Balcony Outdoor Lighting

Space in Nairobi is at a premium, and for many, outdoor space can be a balcony, patio, or roof garden. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved through the smart use of lighting.

For small balconies, adding beautiful light fixtures or colorful LED lanterns can greatly improve the look of your outdoor space.

For larger patios, installing downlights or spotlights on planters and benches will add to the ambiance and allow you to create a space that is both charming and functional.

Add outdoor lighting to your Nairobi garden

Our gardens are increasingly an extension of our homes, and homeowners are looking to make the most of garden lighting with smart lighting designs that add that extra wow factor to your garden.

Installing outdoor lights means you can enjoy your garden well into the night on warm summer nights, and combined with clever design, you can make your garden a place to use and enjoy all year round.

Outdoor security lighting installation in Nairobi

Arrowtech Electricians can assist with the installation of a range of security lighting solutions.

Security lights on the front of the property help illuminate entry points such as porches, stairwells, and recessed areas so you can easily spot lurking hazards and ensure you can reach the front door safely without worrying about tripping or losing access to keys Door because of poor lighting.

For the back of your home, you may want to install motion sensor lighting that lights up your yard when motion is detected, or even a system that detects body temperature (PIR system) to reduce the chance of the sensor being triggered by wildlife.

We can also install security lighting at the same time as the alarm system, providing additional security and protection to your home.

Whether you want to install a simple safety light or a system to protect and illuminate the perimeter of a large garden, our friendly and fully qualified electricians can help.

Add ambient lighting outdoors

Modern garden design continues to evolve and more and more people are adding exciting ambient lighting, for example by adding LED colored lighting in areas like planters or spotlights in patio areas. There are a variety of lighting solutions that can add ambiance to your outdoor space.

Wall sconces in your yard can provide the opportunity for zoning your yard, allowing you to effectively use parts of your yard at dawn for dining, entertaining, or gardening.

Facade lighting in Nairobi

Facade lighting can change the look of your home and add more light to your home or building.

Adding facade lighting to your home provides the combined benefits of making your home look attractive after dark, while also adding another layer of security because your building is well-lit.

Adding features like spotlights, downlights, overhead lights or smart LED lighting can dramatically change the aesthetics of your property, turning a modest exterior into an exciting focal point.

Whatever your exterior lighting needs, contact us to discuss how we can help you transform your home with smart outdoor lighting solutions.

Recreational garden lighting

If you regularly use your garden for events such as parties, barbecues or just informal dinners, it may be beneficial to add mains lighting rather than relying on temporary or battery-powered options, after all, no one wants a party to be interrupted by a light failure.

We will help you install reliable and atmospheric outdoor lighting.

Our friendly and qualified electricians can handle everything from moody touches like tree and foliage lighting to adding outdoor sconces and lamp posts, ensuring you have enough light for a stylish outdoor dinner party.

Add Lighting and Power to a Garden Shed or Shed

As space is at a premium in Nairobi, many homeowners are converting their garden sheds and summer homes into extra rooms that can be used as office space, a kids’ lounge area, and in some cases even a mini bar!

Adding electrical equipment to an outhouse allows you to have an extra room in your property without expensive work such as renovations or attic remodeling, and allows you to use standard household items like TVs, portable heaters, game consoles, and computers.

At Arrowtech Electricians, we can help you remodel your shed or garden shed and add dependable lighting and electrical outlets. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Road lighting installation

Regardless of the size of your driveway, you may need to add extra lights to your driveway. From wall markings that help you park or get in and out of your driveway, to spotlights that make the driveway more attractive and accentuate the paving pattern, adding lighting solutions to your driveway can make your home appear more attractive as you approach the street.

The outdoor outlet for garden

Outdoor outlets can go hand in hand with your outdoor lighting system.

From powering electric garden equipment, like a lawn mower, to letting you play music outdoors or power an electric patio heater, outdoor outlets allow you to use your garden or outdoor area as an extension of your home.

At Arrowtech Electricians, we are experts at installing outdoor outlets and always making sure they are completely safe and weatherproof


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