Plumbing Installations in Nairobi

Plumbing Installation Nairobi

Whether you’re considering a new housing project or looking to renovate an important area of ​​your home, Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi is ready to provide you with an exceptional plumbing installation service in Nairobi.

Building a new or renovated home is not just an investment, it can add value, especially when you renovate your home. In essence, plumbing is one of the tricky aspects of home renovations and new home investments, especially if you need to set up a new kitchen or bathroom.

That’s where Arrowtech Plumbers of Nairobi comes in, ensuring our clients’ plumbing jobs are done quickly.

Let us help you with plumbing; we provide the following sanitary facilities:

Bathroom installation

Are you dreaming of a new toilet, or would you like to add a more unique style to your bathroom? Therefore, installing a new sink can be the perfect way to add a new dazzling effect to your bathroom.

At Nairobi Arrowtech Plumbing, we provide our clients with unique plumbing solutions; we also guide clients through their decision-making process. When choosing a new washbasin for you, we take into account the available space in the bathroom and the overall design of the bathroom area to make the decision for you.

Click here to make an appointment so our installers can help you install your bathroom facilities

Installation of the bathtub

If you’re thinking about making the right decision about installing a new tub, you’ve come to the right place. At Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi, we take you through the entire installation with great professionalism to ensure we leave a lasting impression on you.

Using your bathroom size, style, and shape as a benchmark, we work with you to ensure you make the right bathtub choice. We install different types of tubs, including fiberglass tubs, sandstone tubs, marble tubs, limestone tubs, and more.

Just give us a call and you can be guaranteed a top-notch bathtub installation.

toilet installation

We also help install new toilets, which we believe will help improve your property value, comfort, and overall home appearance. We believe this will also help prevent potential future damage from flooding and other sanitation issues.

Garden equipment installation

There is no doubt that outdoor faucets are very useful and can help most outdoor jobs look less tiring.

Since garden water outlets are often installed outside buildings, it’s important to choose an outdoor faucet that is resistant to outside elements to ensure your garden water outlets will last longer as intended. However, our experienced plumbers will provide you with the necessary tips and advice on the type of water outlet to easily meet each client’s needs.

Are you still looking for an experienced professional plumber in Nairobi to help you install your home garden faucet? Then look no further because Nairobi Arrowtech Plumbers have you covered!

All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll be there to do what we do best!

At Arrowtech Plumbers in Nairobi, our highly qualified plumbers can help install all outdoor taps. We have the knowledge needed to install any outdoor faucet with little or no installation required

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