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Pipework Replacement in Nairobi

Pipework Replacement

Replacing water pipes in Nairobi

Pipes and pipe connections sometimes fail due to lack of maintenance, poor pipe quality, aging, or parts failure. When any plumbing in your home fails, it happens almost instantaneously and can result in property damage and furniture damage.

However, since nearly all home plumbing is hidden behind walls, it’s important to know the expected lifespan of the plumbing, as well as various other tips that can help you know when you need new plumbing in your home.

With Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi, you can rest assured that your entire pipes plumbing replacement can be carried out by some of the best professionals in the business to improve your home plumbing.

Common types of water pipes and their service life

There are different types of metal and plastic pipes for plumbing. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to choosing specific plumbing and using it at home. However, understanding the types of water pipes available to you is a crucial step when considering replacing or repairing major plumbing projects in your home.

Copper pipe

what you should know
50+ years of service if properly maintained
Copper pipes are not easy to leak
Once in place, they will remain firm and stable
they are heat resistant
Hygienic and hardly contaminate your drinking water.
Still, they can sometimes be expensive.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes.

what you should know

  • Can last more than 100 years
  • Can barely handle hot water
  • they are easy to process
  • they are cheap
  • Particularly suitable for domestic sinks, toilets and ventilation shafts.
  • Effective under high water pressure.

Brass tube

what you should know

  • Stay up to 40 to 45 years
  • heavy wall
  • Easier installation
  • fairly corrosion resistant
  • Minerals in water-tolerant or peat soilscast iron pipe
  • what you should know
  • They are cheap and economical
  • Cast iron pipes are durable for over 80 years
  • Due to their high corrosion resistance, they are widely used in the urban water supply.

Galvanized steel Water pipes

what you should know

  • They are made of mild steel sheet
  • They are ideal for supplying water, gas and other liquids at home
  • The average lifespan of galvanized pipes is 20 to 50 years
  • Galvanized pipe is lightweight and inexpensive to use
  • Acidic and alkaline water can negatively affect this type of plumbing

Cast iron pipe

What you should know

  • They are cheap and economical
  • Cast iron pipes are durable for over 80 years
  • Due to their high corrosion resistance, they are widely used in the urban water supply.

Galvanized steel pipes

what you should know

  • They are made of mild steel sheet
  • They are ideal for supplying water, gas and other liquids at home
  • The average lifespan of galvanized pipes is 20 to 50 years
  • Galvanized pipe is lightweight and inexpensive to use
  • Acidic and alkaline water can negatively affect this type of plumbing

While the long life of these pipes may seem impressive, they are prone to wear and tear if not maintained properly. Additionally, defective and damaged fittings can affect the durability of these pipes through leaks and standing water. Plumbing replacement is very important when it comes to bathroom renovations and installations.

No matter what type of water pipes you plan to use in your home; our plumbers will be happy to help you replace your water pipes.

Signs that you may need to replace your pipes
Here are some signs that your plumbing job needs professional attention:

  1. Taps make strange noises: If you hear a strange creaking sound when the drain is open, it may just be a sign that the plumbing is working wrong. Usually, when pipes make noise, it means there is air in the pipes, which means you have a problem with your pipes.
  2. Bad smell from the drain: If the pipe smells bad, it may be a sign of to fix the water pipes. For example, if there is a disgusting smell in the kitchen sink, it could be a sign that food has accumulated in the drain. On the other hand, the smell of rotten eggs indicates a clogged drain, causing the backflow of wastewater
  3. Low water pressure: Low water pressure is a common problem, especially when the house is very old. Generally speaking, low water pressure is usually caused by leaks and blockages in pipes. Although this may be common, it is often difficult to pinpoint the root cause. If you notice this symptom, you should call a professional installer to avoid unnecessary confusion.
  4. Severely slow drain: If your drain is slower than usual, it could be a sign of a clogged pipe. You can try cleaning the drain yourself with detergent or a drain snake. In any case, if you have tried the above solutions and still cannot solve the problem, you may want to seek advice and help from a professional plumber.
  • Other characters are:
  • pipeline leak
  • Pipe Cracks
  • wet skirting
  • Stained or warped floors and walls

While the symptoms listed above may sound like common plumbing issues that you often encounter, you should be careful not to overlook major plumbing issues.

Take necessary action
If you notice any of these problems in your home, be sure to consult an experienced plumber who can diagnose the problem and provide an appropriate solution. You might be surprised to learn that the pipes you think should be replaced may require some tweaking by an expert.

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Shower Pressure Adjustment in Nairobi

Shower pressure adjustment

Shower pressure setting Nairobi

Thinking of upgrading your shower? Are you having trouble with your shower? Immediately call a Nairobi Arrowtech Plumber to help you with any shower challenges you may have.

A good shower means a lot to you, especially after a long day. Not having a good shower tub may not be easy or fair. However, if you don’t take a good shower, you can ruin your chances of having a good shower. Having a good shower that you can enjoy for years is truly a treasure not to be missed.

Depending on the usage and possible installation, different problems can arise with the shower. One of these common problems is leaks. This can be caused by improper use of silicone around the sealant. It can go bad and cause leaks. If this is not observed, water can seep into the wall and cause a complete overturn.

Is your shower water pressure low?

If you’re experiencing low shower pressure in any way, it’s a good idea to check the plumbing in your home. Low shower water pressure could be due to a leak or lock somewhere in the house that isn’t fully closed. However, sometimes you can’t pinpoint exactly where the problem is because it’s mostly a plumber’s job. In this case, the Nairobi Arrowtech plumber should be the next port of call to solve the problem. Our installers will identify the error and take the necessary action to correct it immediately.

Correct low shower pressure

In most cases, low shower pressure is resolved by proper cleaning of the shower assembly, and repair or replacement of the shower assembly. Adjusting shower pressure in older homes can sometimes be complicated. Problems such as corrosion or blockages in the plumbing can cause a drop in shower pressure. These blockages and problems that cause low shower pressure can lead to a very uncomfortable shower experience. But you don’t have to worry anymore, as Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi has the right tools and plumbers to deal with the problem.

Nairobi Arrowtech Plumbers have the right solution for adjusting shower pressure in Nairobi; all of our techniques are highly effective and guaranteed to give you a lasting solution. We’ve been in the business for over a decade, so we know the secrets behind adjusting shower pressure. Contact us today to resolve low shower pressure issues in your residential or commercial building.

Sometimes simply cleaning the shower head can fix low shower pressure. However, sometimes low shower pressure can be caused by other complex issues that require the services of a professional. A Nairobi Arrowtech plumber can help adjust shower pressure. You can still enjoy a great shower if our professionals fix the problem. We provide the highest quality service at a very affordable price.

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Tap Repairs & Installations in Nairobi

Taps Repair and Installation Services

Taps Repair and Installation Services in Nairobi

Are you frustrated with leaking Taps? Call Nairobi Arrowtech Plumbers today at 0721465087 for a professional tap installation and repair service. We offer fast service and you also get guaranteed results.

Don’t let your kitchen or bathroom fixtures cause you to overspend and damage your home. Professional Plumbing service is just a phone call away.

tap installation and repair services in Nairobi, Nairobi
taps are one of the most common fixtures in your home, and they’re mostly found in bathtubs, showers, and sinks. Most people take them for granted. However, if you have problems such as leaks, you will need to request a replacement or repair.

Several people have experienced a slow drip tap that can rob your plumbing because it won’t stop no matter what you do.

The dangers of leaking taps

It might not be a big deal if your tap is leaking, but the tap can cause problems under the surface. If the bottom of the tap is leaking, you may not be able to see it, it will rot and soften the wood, and it will also encourage mold growth.

Too much moisture can often lead to mold and mildew that can harm your health. A leaky tap can also increase your water bill, especially if water keeps dripping from the tap but you’ve waited a while to try and fix it.

Common reasons for replacing a tap

As your tap ages, the seals wear out and you can’t keep them from leaking; buying a new tap is a good idea because you’re starting fresh with a fresh look.

Even if your tap is fine, you may want to upgrade your tap design to give your bathroom or kitchen a new look.

Should I try a do-it-yourself approach?

Those who prefer to do it themselves and repair new taps can install and repair new taps, but those who are less confident can rest assured that let us do the job and we will achieve impeccable results. A hobbyist can’t do the installation properly.

Sometimes they don’t seal the tap properly at the sink, they use the wrong tap, or they end up running the opposite way, with cold water coming out of a warm tap and vice versa.

If you think you can install the tap yourself, try it, but make sure to call an expert to make any corrections if necessary. You use the taps in your home every day, and one day they will wear out and need to be replaced or repaired.

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Water Tank Installations in Nairobi

Water Tank Installations in Nairobi

Installation and maintenance of cold water storage tanks in Nairobi

Everyone needs a water tank and everyone loves the fact that water is stored for future use. But no one knows: The condition of the reservoir will ultimately affect the quality of the water. Tanks used to be made of galvanized iron or asbestos. This means that people notice some unpleasant changes in the water over time. Today, changing times have led to the production of plastic water tanks, which is why you need a Nairobi Arrowtech plumber to install and maintain your cold water tanks.

Metal tanks and water quality

Also, the types of tanks used in the past were mostly galvanized iron, usually placed in the attic space and not moved during the construction of the house. Over time, these tanks can corrode from constant exposure to sunlight and rain, which can degrade the water stored in them.

A good tanks mean better water quality

Now with plastic tanks, the water quality is less likely to be affected by corrosion. While certain factors can affect the quality of the water, this only happens when the tank is uncovered or the lid is open.

Get a new water tank

Before buying a new tank, you need to consider some important factors to consider when sourcing for a Water Tank Installations in Nairobi. These factors include

  • Tank size (liters)
  • Installation location

The best installation service you can ask for

This last factor requires serious consideration to avoid premature problems such as leaks shortly after installation. That’s why at Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi we provide you with the best team of professionals to install your new tank. You can also install the tank in the perfect location by consulting us with an Arrowtech plumber in Nairobi.

Installation of water tank

Installing a water tank requires surveying the house to get the best water pressure at the outlet. This takes into account specific locations and locations, such as shower heads and faucets, and needs to be done by a professional for good results. For this reason, the previous galvanized water tank was installed in the roof space. Plastic tanks can still be installed in the attic if the attic is large enough to allow the tank to pass through.

It has been found that the location of the storage tank is an important factor that cannot be ignored. There are other factors to consider. they are;

  • The storage tank must be accessible for maintenance and inspection
  • For outdoor installations, UV protection must be ensured
  • Insulation should be in place to protect the tank and all piping from extreme temperatures
  • The area where the tank is installed should be adequately ventilated to maintain air circulation.

At Nairobi Arrowtech Plumbers, we consider all of the above and more when installing tanks. We also carry out routine inspections of water tanks (as per customer request).

Maintenance of the water tank

Deteriorating water quality in the tank means it may be time for a plumbing service. Other signs you may notice that you need to find a plumber are:

  • Warm water flows from the tank
  • Low water turnover, even with too much water in the tank
  • There is no lid on the tank
  • The water in the tank is colored or has a strong smell

Any of the above problems may indicate a problem with the tank. You don’t have to wait for one of these issues to arise before taking action. Call us for a routine inspection of your tank.

Why do I need professional help to check my Water tank?

Checking the water quality is more than just looking at the water coming out of the tank. This includes inspection of the fuel tank itself. If inspection is requested, our services include the following:

  • Clean the water tank (if necessary)
  • Check for signs of corrosion
  • Check the position of the cover (if tightened)
  • Visual inspection of water tank
  • Sterilization tank

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Burst Pipe Repair in Nairobi

Nairobi Burst Pipe Repair

A burst pipe can have serious consequences, from flooding your home, and expensive damage to expensive repairs. Don’t let this happen! Call an Arrowtech plumber in Nairobi for a quick response to burst pipe issues. We know how to deal with burst pipes.

What is a broken pipe?

Burst pipes are a common problem in pipes. They mostly occur in cold weather, when the water in the pipes cools and expands. The expansion will force the pipes to burst, and if left unchecked, water can pour out and cause flooding. However, be aware that a pipe burst can happen at any time of the year, including hot seasons.

Therefore, every homeowner needs to keep an eye on their plumbing year-round for any apparent leaks that could be potentially dangerous. Isn’t this very clever?

Arrowtech plumbers in Nairobi handle hidden leaks and pipe replacements across the Nairobi area. We make every effort to keep your pipelines safe and functioning year-round. All you have to do is call us and that’s it.

Causes of Pipe Bursts

The most common cause of a burst pipe is cold water! But there are other reasons:

Aging – This is one of the main reasons why pipes burst! It is often assumed that pipes do not fail, but the fact remains that rust can weaken them over time, especially if they are not maintained. Aging’s close companion is water pressure. Constant water pressure coupled with aging can crack and burst pipes.

Roots – The roots of a tree are always looking for water. So they grow towards any nearby water source. This action triggers a burst pipe, and the damage can be high, especially if the pipe is underground
Poor Installation – Poorly welded pipe joints or weak connections can cause pipes to leak and eventually burst!
Hard water – water containing minerals like magnesium and calcium can corrode pipes and wells, causing leaks
Therefore, it is highly recommended that you maintain your pipes and replace weak or rusted pipes. Many people may not know how to do this, which is why you need a professional plumber like the Nairobi Arrowtech Plumber.

When you hire us as a routine plumbing maintenance engineer, we will provide professional care for your plumbing, from routine inspections to replacing suspected worn plumbing. Our service is very good and affordable.

Pipe Leak Warning Sign

Bursts are usually the result of leaking or worn pipes. Here are the signs of imminent danger:

Wall Stains – These stains may or may not be visible, depending on where the pipes are located. However, if you see stains on the wall near your pipes, chances are your pipes are leaking
Water discoloration – If the water coming out of the faucet is yellow or brown, the water pipe may be rusted
Low water pressure – this one is familiar. Several things can cause water pressure to drop, including hard water mineral buildup and leaking pipes

Have you noticed any of these in your home lately? Hurry up and call a Nairobi Arrowtech plumber now to avoid serious and costly plumbing problems.

Risk of burst pipes in the home or business

The most common risk of burst pipes is flooding and water damage to your property. Depending on where it occurs, you may have water behind your walls, underground, under floors, or even in your living room. Imagine how bad that looks.

Standing water increases the possibility of electric shock and is a safety hazard in itself. It can also be a suitable breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens. immediate action is required
Water tends to spread quickly, so the key to minimizing any harm is to report any suspected or apparent instances of leaking or bursting pipes.

If you have the phone number of a good plumber near you, you can get help as soon as possible.

Arrowtech plumbers in Nairobi are a solid option you can have. We will respond to any 24-hour emergency services as soon as possible. Our level of readiness eliminates any plumbing issues caused by burst pipes.

In the event of a pipe burst, you can try shutting off the water supply to the main (if you know where the shutoff valve is). This will definitely prevent more water from flooding the area before we come.

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Water pump Installation in Nairobi

Pump installation and Repairs London

Pump Installation and Repair Nairobi

Plumbing pump installations and repairs in Nairobi include well pumps, water distribution units, and central heating systems, all of which are part of a home’s overall plumbing process. Gravity is used in many aspects of plumbing systems in a home or industrial facility.

However, the use of pumps helps provide pressure throughout the building. Pumps discharge liquids or gases by various mechanical means. Pump types under this category include:

  • Velocity pumps
  • Positive displacement pumps
  • Impulse pumps
  • Gravity pumps
  • Buoyancy Pumps

As the plumbing system begins to age, the water pressure will decrease. Faucets that are far from the water source can also experience low water pressure. Installing a pump will help improve the above situation in the home. Just like any other plumbing system needs maintenance, your pumping units should also be maintained to keep them running at peak efficiency.

If you need a good plumber in Nairobi to install and maintain your pump, Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi can help. If you have any questions about your pump, our experienced installers are here to help.

Pump installation in Nairobi

If you have low water pressure and are looking to install a pumping unit or upgrade your pumping system, look no further than the Nairobi Arrowtech Plumbing System. We have experienced and trained installers who can undertake the installation of all types and brands of pumps.

Upgrading your pump set is sometimes seen as a money-saving feature because it reduces water and energy consumption. If your pumping unit fails and is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you can opt for a quick repair instead of upgrading the unit.

If your pump is out of the manufacturer’s warranty, our specialist plumbers at Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi can upgrade your pump to save on unnecessary repairs.

Water pump Repair

It is important to replace the pump system when it is damaged, but it may not be a wise choice, especially if the unit was just purchased. The problem that causes the pumping unit to pack can be a small problem that can be easily fixed. Problems as small as worn seals or pine holes in the seals can prevent the pump from producing the required pressure. Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi provides you with an experienced and qualified plumber who can diagnose your pump problems and provide you with affordable water pump repair services in Nairobi.

Water pump Maintenance

Maintaining your pumping systems will keep them in top condition and will last well beyond their original warranty. Routine inspections of your plumbing system will save you money and time on repairs.

You can rely on Arrowtech Plumber Nairobi to perform regular maintenance on your pump system by highly qualified plumbers with years of pump maintenance experience.

When your pump fails completely, it can be very expensive and inconvenient, so regular maintenance is required to keep the pump in efficient working order. Upgrading your plumbing is great, but finding and fixing small faults in your plumbing will definitely make your pump last longer and save you more money on destructive repairs.

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Toilet Repairs & Installations in Nairobi

Toilet Repairs & Installations in Nairobi

Toilet Repair and Installation Services in Nairobi

Are you looking for an effective toilet installation or repair service in Nairobi? Contact Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi on 0721465087 now and we will send a qualified specialist to start the process. A broken toilet can affect the life of an entire family, so if you have a toilet problem, don’t hesitate.

Nairobi toilet installation and maintenance

The last thing someone who owns a home wants to see is a badly clogged or leaking toilet, rendering the toilet unusable at all times. Toilet repair is more than just a mess; if you only have one toilet in your home, a broken toilet can create logistical problems and challenges. Whenever your toilet stops working and you need quick help, getting a reliable Plumbing technician in Nairobi can change everything in your life.

Are you confused about what to do? Check out our online reviews and services that will help you decide.

Signs of toilet damage should not be ignored

There are several reasons why you need to keep your toilet in proper operating condition. When a toilet is damaged, it usually has some telltale signs that should let you know it’s time to repair the damage. When the toilet stops flushing and you’ve checked the tank and hardware; it’s wise to ask for help. If you notice a leak around the bottom of the toilet, it’s likely that the water has been damaged and the floor underneath is rotten. If the toilet moves slightly from its bottom, you should contact a professional for repair or replacement.

Ways to prevent clogged toilets

Homeowners get frustrated when toilets get clogged because if the water overflows to a certain point, it can damage your floors and damage the plumbing. Nearly all clogged toilets are the result of people flushing things into pots that shouldn’t be there, so prevention isn’t that complicated.

It’s always wise to reduce the amount of paper in one rinse, and you shouldn’t rinse thick things like paper towels at all. Wet wipes or anything a child can flush down as a toy should also not be placed in the toilet. If you are unable to clear a clogged toilet with a standard plunger, call an Arrowtech plumber for assistance and leave while our professional plumbers deal with it.

Need to install a new toilet?

In addition to treating clogged toilets; we also provide customers with professional toilet installation services. If you just need to upgrade your toilet to a newer model because it’s old, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect product for your workplace or home.

Some of the installation services we provide include replacing damaged toilet seats; replacing outdated toilets with wall-mounted smart pans and hidden tanks. Just tell us everything you need and let our professional engineers do the work.

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Plumbing Installations in Nairobi

Plumbing Installation Nairobi

Whether you’re considering a new housing project or looking to renovate an important area of ​​your home, Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi is ready to provide you with an exceptional plumbing installation service in Nairobi.

Building a new or renovated home is not just an investment, it can add value, especially when you renovate your home. In essence, plumbing is one of the tricky aspects of home renovations and new home investments, especially if you need to set up a new kitchen or bathroom.

That’s where Arrowtech Plumbers of Nairobi comes in, ensuring our clients’ plumbing jobs are done quickly.

Let us help you with plumbing; we provide the following sanitary facilities:

Bathroom installation

Are you dreaming of a new toilet, or would you like to add a more unique style to your bathroom? Therefore, installing a new sink can be the perfect way to add a new dazzling effect to your bathroom.

At Nairobi Arrowtech Plumbing, we provide our clients with unique plumbing solutions; we also guide clients through their decision-making process. When choosing a new washbasin for you, we take into account the available space in the bathroom and the overall design of the bathroom area to make the decision for you.

Click here to make an appointment so our installers can help you install your bathroom facilities

Installation of the bathtub

If you’re thinking about making the right decision about installing a new tub, you’ve come to the right place. At Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi, we take you through the entire installation with great professionalism to ensure we leave a lasting impression on you.

Using your bathroom size, style, and shape as a benchmark, we work with you to ensure you make the right bathtub choice. We install different types of tubs, including fiberglass tubs, sandstone tubs, marble tubs, limestone tubs, and more.

Just give us a call and you can be guaranteed a top-notch bathtub installation.

toilet installation

We also help install new toilets, which we believe will help improve your property value, comfort, and overall home appearance. We believe this will also help prevent potential future damage from flooding and other sanitation issues.

Garden equipment installation

There is no doubt that outdoor faucets are very useful and can help most outdoor jobs look less tiring.

Since garden water outlets are often installed outside buildings, it’s important to choose an outdoor faucet that is resistant to outside elements to ensure your garden water outlets will last longer as intended. However, our experienced plumbers will provide you with the necessary tips and advice on the type of water outlet to easily meet each client’s needs.

Are you still looking for an experienced professional plumber in Nairobi to help you install your home garden faucet? Then look no further because Nairobi Arrowtech Plumbers have you covered!

All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll be there to do what we do best!

At Arrowtech Plumbers in Nairobi, our highly qualified plumbers can help install all outdoor taps. We have the knowledge needed to install any outdoor faucet with little or no installation required

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Hidden Plumbing Leaks in Nairobi

hidden leak

While some plumbing leaks may seem small and easy to spot, there are many others that are hard to find and are actually completely hidden. These are often dangerous and can cost maintenance crews thousands of Shillings.

In addition to unforeseen repair and damage costs, this can add to your water bill. However, it is important to identify the warning signs of hidden leaks to avoid unnecessary costs in the future.

If you have a hidden plumbing leak or suspect any, just pick up the phone and give us a call today!

Why You Should Stop Hidden Pipe Leaks

As you know, water leaks can be a daunting problem. What starts out as just a light drip can easily turn into a flood and cost you Millions of shillings, whatever the situation at hand. You might hate the idea of ​​hiring a plumbing company to fix a leak in your house, but one thing’s for sure when it comes to leaks, there’s no way they can fix it themselves.

They only get worse over time, causing mold and mildew that can affect your family’s health if not addressed promptly.

Do you have hidden leaks?

Well, that’s a really good question, and we’ve gotten a lot from previous clients. If you have a hidden leak in your home, you don’t necessarily need an eagle eye to spot it. There are some tips to help you track down plumbing leaks, even if they are hidden.

If you suspect a leak, read on for clear insights or call 0721465087.

The quick and easy way to hide a leak, how to spot the signs

Most plumbing leaks in the home are usually related to some silent leaks in plumbing, appliances, and fixtures. Well, we’ve outlined some guidelines to help you out. This may include the following

Check your water meter for errors

An important way to spot leaks in pipes is to keep an eye on your gauges to see if there is any increase. Often, the best time to check your water meter is when no one is home. We recommend that you take the following steps to ensure you get the best results:

  • Avoid using all water sources in your home, including indoor and outdoor units, for 3-4 hours.
  • Write down the number on the water meter
  • Wait a minute, say three or four hours
  • Then you can check your meter again. It’s important to note that if the meter is ticking or showing a lot of change, you have a leak in the plumbing in your home.

Compare Water bills regularly

Be sure to compare any new utility bills you receive with previous bills. However, if you notice an increase in your bill, try to understand your daily activities to determine the cause of the sudden difference.

How do you find hidden faults? Here’s what to look out for

Well, you probably know how to spot hidden leaks. However, if you want to identify plumbing leaks, you should start by inspecting plumbing, sinks, toilets, shower heads, faucets, water heaters, and other important areas of your home. There are some ways to find hidden leaks, they can include:

The toilet is one of the most important and essential areas in the home. When toilets leak, they tend to cause more problems for homeowners.

How to test for toilet leaks?

You can test the toilet for leaks by placing food coloring in the toilet while waiting a few minutes. If you notice within these few minutes that the color is no longer in the toilet, then your toilet has some leaks. This type of toilet leak occurs when the rubber seals inside the toilet wear out.

To fix them, you’ll need the help of a professional plumber to seal them. You can contact Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi on 0721465087 to make an appointment.

How to Find Leaks in a Water Heater

There may also be a leak in the water heater. To detect leaks, check the area around the radiator for puddles. If there is a puddle, you almost certainly have a leak.

You can also check the heater connectors for corrosion. In any case, be sure to contact us for proper inspection to ensure there are no leaks.

Detect leaks in sinks, bathtubs, shower heads, and Taps

If you have mold or musty smells around your sink and sink, these could be signs of a leak. Hopefully, you can avoid leaks in these areas by making sure your faucets and showers are fully closed after use.

Washing machine and dishwasher leaking

Leaks in washing machines and dishwashers are easy to spot. You can easily check for leaks in these areas by inspecting pumps, valves, and hoses for discoloration.

When it comes to washing machines and dishwashers, it’s important to spot leaks in time, because when they do, they can quickly become an unavoidable problem. Make sure to replace the hose early to avoid unnecessary costs.

Our Nairobi Arrowtech Plumber technician can also help you repair leaks from water-based equipment. Call an Arrowtech plumber in Nairobi now!

Floor and carpet leaks

If you notice that the floor is elastic, loose, or stained, it may be a hidden leak that is known to seep into the floor through narrow pipes. What’s more, if you find that the carpet is wet, it may be an indication that water is leaking into the floor and being absorbed by the carpet. Sometimes underground leaks are caused by pipes near the area.

When one room appears cooler than others

Sometimes the presence of a leak can make the living area appear cooler than other rooms or areas in the house. Essentially, leaks can remove heat from the atmosphere faster than air can. So if one place is more relaxing than others, it’s probably because the humid places are cooling down.

Still can’t find the loophole?

Just in case you’ve checked all your fixtures and every area of ​​your home for hidden leaks, and you haven’t found a leak, maybe it’s time to call a plumber.

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