Doorbell Installation Services in Kenya

Doorbell Installation Services in Kenya

Installing a doorbell is an essential piece of equipment for any property to alert owners or occupants that someone is at their door. Upon hearing the doorbell, family members decide whether it is safe to open the door and take appropriate action. Most homes in Kenya will hire an electrician to install the doorbell. Families can choose wired, wireless or smart doorbells depending on their needs.

Benefits of Installing a wired doorbell

Most households will call on the services of Arrowtech electricians to install their doorbells. However, built-in doorbells often fail after a period of use, especially if they are used very frequently.
Before planning this electrical installation, homeowners must decide whether they want to install a wired or wireless doorbell. Here are the benefits of installing a wired doorbell.

Wired doorbell

When you’re installing your doorbell or replacing your doorbell switch, you should know that it’s made up of several components that are wired together.
Replacing a wired bell is often easier because the wiring can be reused. You should avoid do-it-yourself electrical repairs, as only certified electricians are familiar with the job.

Advantages of a wired doorbell

Provide space for illuminated buttons
The button of the doorbell may not be seen at night. Therefore, many homeowners prefer to install an illuminated button that is eye-catching at night.
Homeowners who want a lighted button for their doorbell should opt for a wired doorbell as an alternative. Consider it cheaper and requires less maintenance.

Electrical Safety for Doorbells

Rewiring a wired doorbell is difficult, so that’s why good electricians are hired. Once a doorbell is installed, it can last a decade or more.
Hiring a certified electrician is your best bet as they can do all electrical repairs and even give you tips on electrical maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance of the wireless doorbell requires more time and effort.

Wireless systems are expensive

There are a few things to consider when buying a doorbell, one of which is the cost of installing the doorbell. A wireless system that uses radio frequency signals. Meanwhile, wired doorbells have a transmitter.
Wireless systems themselves are more advanced and more expensive than wired doorbells, as are electrical system repairs and replacements.


One factor that should be considered before installing a doorbell is the high level of security. A wired doorbell is more secure because it’s mostly indoors, so it’s harder to tamper with the wiring.


Since most people have busy schedules, they want to spend less time maintaining their appliances and other household items.
A quality wired doorbell installed by an electrician will usually last about 10 years.

Here are 5 ways to maintain your electrical installations in order to keep them working for a long time.
No distraction

Reasons why the doorbell you installed isn’t working

Most doorbell brands last at least ten or fifteen years, depending on the doorbell and wires. However, some homeowners are finding that the doorbell they install doesn’t work properly. Here are some reasons why the doorbell you installed may not work as it should.


In some cases, dust, dirt, or insects can collect in the buttons, affecting their performance. Therefore, it is very important to know how to clean electrical installations.

chime box

Dust and dirt are also a factor in the performance of bell boxes. However, electronic devices are often damaged by heat, moisture, or other causes. A broken bell box should be replaced, which is also a sign that you need to replace the wires.


In some cases, the transformer may not work, preventing the bell box from getting the power it needs. In most cases, the transformer must be replaced.

Wiring error

Incorrect wires are another contributing factor to doorbell failure. It’s important to find a reliable electrician who understands the various components of your doorbell.
Improper installation


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