Airlocks in pipes, Airlock Solutions in Nairobi

It is not right to have a water pipe almost or completely fail due to an airlock in the plumbing system. Call an Arrowtech plumber in Nairobi now to get it fixed!

But what is an airlock?

An airlock is when air (gas) in a pipe restricts the free flow of water through the pipe. Their pipes carry water and air. Therefore, air, which is usually lighter than water, has a tendency to rise up the upper part of the pipe. When pressurized, these air pockets prevent the flow of water.

Airlocks in plumbing are one of the problems that can affect your home plumbing. For your plumbing system to work effectively, all plumbing, including those that are not visible, must be maintained and in good condition.

If your taps are not flowing, there may be an airlock somewhere in the line. But how can you be sure? Before we start, you might be able to fix the airlock with a hose and some creativity, but this problem definitely requires the services of a plumber with the right experience. At Arrowtech Plumbers Nairobi, we have the skills and tools to get your water flowing again. Please contact us as soon as possible.

So how do you know you have an airlock?

If you have airlocks in your ducts, you will notice the following:

  • Water splashes out of pipes even when the faucet is fully open
  • No water is opening from your line through the shut-off valve on the main line
  • These problems are most common in mixer taps or hot water spouts. You may have noticed that while the cold water flows freely, the hot water does not flow or flows intermittently.

Now you probably understand what we’re talking about. So if you have any of these issues, please give us a call right away. It doesn’t matter when it happens. We are Affordable plumbers in Nairobi; it’s our job to respond in an emergency! If you call us, we’ll be out right away to fix the airlock.

So, why do airlocks happen?

When plumbing components such as pumps or pipes are not installed properly, airlocks can be triggered, causing the system to draw in air
Airlocks can form when your plumbing system is drained and refilled due to maintenance.
As a precaution, it is best to ventilate at the highest point of the ductwork to avoid airlocks. However, you need a good plumber like us to install your plumbing professionally and fix that problem when it arises. Call a Nairobi Professional Plumber now!

Airlock DIY Solutions

You can try repairing the airlock yourself, especially if you have some plumbing experience. Increasing the water pressure will force the air bubbles out of the pipe. Keep in mind that air locks usually occur in hot water lines because the water isn’t applying enough pressure to push the air bubbles away. It is less common in cold water pipes as they are usually connected to water pipes.

Do it yourself

You will need to use a short length of hose (for the hot water spout) or a longer hose (for the mixer tap) to remove the airlock on the pipe.

  • Connect the hoses to the hot and cold water nozzles with airlock end to end.
  • Secure the connection to both openings with hose clamps or clips
  • Turn on the hot water first, wait for a while, then turn on the cold water
    wait 30 seconds
  • Turn off the cold water first, then the hot water
  • Remove the hose from the hot water nozzle and turn the water on again
  • Repeat this 3 times with the airlock still in place

Airlock fixes for mixer taps:

Connect both ends of the longer hose to the outlet of the sealed faucet and the outlet of the kitchen sink or the cold water outlet of the washing machine; these two should have higher water pressure than other faucets in your home

  • Open the cold water outlet, then open the airlock hot water outlet
  • Let it run for 30 seconds, then turn off the cold water first, then the hot water
  • If the attempt fails, it’s time to give us a call from the Arrowtech plumbers in Nairobi. Since plumbing repairs require care and expertise, you’d be better off hiring our engineers at Arrowtech Plumbers London; we do our job professionally!

Is water no longer flowing through your pipes as usual? Could it be an airlock? now you know. Don’t hesitate to call a Competent plumber in Nairobi. You won’t be disappointed because we get the job done quickly and professionally!

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