Home automation system installers in Nairobi

Home automation system installers

Home automation system installers in Nairobi

Our homes are getting “smarter”. With so many different electrical devices in our homes or office, it makes sense to use smart home technology to allow the different systems to “talk” to each other, making the operations of your home easy to control.

From controlling the heating of your desk at work to monitoring the security of your home while on vacation, smart home solutions can give you peace of mind and generally make life easier.

At Arrowtech Electricals, we are experts at helping you get your smart device up and running. We can help with the necessary wiring, installing smart switches or thermostats, and a range of other smart technologies.
Contact us today for a quote or learn more about how we can help you automate your home.

Smart Home Expert

Smart home devices are becoming more and more popular. Simply put, a smart home uses connected devices to manage and monitor other devices and systems, such as heating, lighting or security systems.

Learn more about how to run your home more efficiently by exploring our wide range of smart home electrical services.

  • Smart heating thermostat
  • Smart water thermostat
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart audio
  • Smart home entertainment system
  • Smart blind devices
  • Smart security

Why choose Arrowtech Electricals for smart home installation

Smart Home Expert -We’ve worked on a variety of smart home installations and know how to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Handle – We make sure all prices are competitive and all work is done to the highest standards.

Always respect each other –We understand that we work in your home and will always treat it and you with the utmost respect.

No job too small –Whatever your smart home needs, we can help. From small installations to full home automation, we can help.

Safe installation – We work according to the latest safety standards and all our work is certified accordingly.

The latest technology –We keep up with smart home trends and can help with a variety of new technologies.


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